Through its affiliation with one of Melbourne's leading prefabricated building suppliers, MC2 can design and coordinate the manufacture of custom, architect design prefabricated residential & commercial buildings. MC2 can also look after all of the site work, including excavation, footings & service connections.

Prefabrication is becoming increasing popular for the advantages it affords, which include:

  • Speed of overall project delivery
  • Reduced time of site occupation
  • Improved quality of work completed under fully supervised factory conditions
  • portability of the completed structure (no longer does your considerable investment need to be tied to a particular site)
  • No weather delays
  • Cost competitiveness

All prefabrication work for MC2 is undertaken locally at our affiliates facility right here in Melbourne! No offshoring. No questionable unsupervised work inside your building cavities. All work completed by local, accountable & certified trades.

All materials, finishes and systems used are the same as those used in traditional Australian construction, by the same reputable suppliers.

Discuss your project with us and whether it might be suitable for prefabrication!