We have a strong interest in designing buildings which are low in their consumption of energy, water & other resources. We have found that introducing simple design techniques, such as correct window orientation & suitable insulation, can achieve significant energy cost savings over the life of a building, without significantly adding to the upfront construction costs. Interestingly, we have found these very same features also improve the experience of a space through the dynamic play of light and shade, open outlook and thermal comfort.

MC2 are accredited to provide energy efficiency "star" ratings on houses, units & apartments. These ratings are now mandatory for all residential development across Victoria. Having this accreditation means  we can provide fast, accurate assessments of the energy efficiency of your proposed development, home or additions during the design process, and make improvements as required. With over  15 years experience in providing accredited energy assessments to other designers & builders, we intuitively design buildings which are energy efficient and meet compliance standards in a cost effective manner.

Overall, we can advise you on the various active & passive options available to improve the sustainability of your project and integrate these seamlessly into the design.